the Founder, Sapna Gandhi


My fascination with cosmetics started very early.  I was mesmerized watching my mom sit in front of her vanity and use her favorite beauty products. She didn’t approve of my friendship with cosmetics until I was a teen, but once the bond was formed, there was no looking back. Cosmetics have been with me through every phase of my life -- be it the carefree teenager, the romantic girlfriend, the Indian bride or a mom to a beautiful five-year old girl.

Diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in 2012, I was forced to walk a healthier, more natural path which also led me to question what I was applying on my face and body. The initial research shocked me enough to get rid of most of my beauty products including my favorite lip products. I discovered that daily, women inadvertently ingest their lip products through eating, drinking and talking, without knowledge, therefore, ingesting any harmful chemicals, dyes and parabens used to make these products. I set out to find a natural alternative with a luxurious look and feel but the few I found were lacking the aesthetic I desired.  So I created Biba Lips.



Genia Rackos is the mama bear of the team. Having spent 20+ years in advertising and marketing, she brings a wealth of knowledge from her experiences in consumer products marketing. This Biba girl resides in Chicago with her husband and two young sons. A city girl at heart, she loves finding hidden gems around town and often switches up our meetings to inspire creativity.


Cathy Demetropoulos is our Public Relations guru. She has honed her 20+ years of advertising, media and PR experience working for companies like Leo Burnett and helming the editorial staff at Chicago Bride magazine. This Biba Babe is a socializer extraordinaire who enjoys traveling, dining out, shopping and of course, livin' the city life with her husband and two girls in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood.